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Carbon Logic music community. Non-stop new music.

Carbon Logic is an online music network for musicians to present and promote their work to each other and for discerning listeners to discover brand new music from around the world.

Artists upload new music, the Carbon Logic community listens, scores and comments. Quality feedback means quality music. Carbon Logic puts that music in front of you ready for playback.

Guest curators from the music industry are invited to preside over regular Carbon Logic music competitions. Each competition culminates in the selection of a ten track shortlist, and the choice of one outstanding winning track. Prizes have included recording sessions at Snorkel Studios and Dropout Studios and live slots at UK Music Festivals.

Why join Carbon Logic?

By becoming a member you can:

  • Comment on, and rate tracks.
  • Play your Top-Rated tracks in our non-stop music player.
  • Receive updates on the best new music from carbon logic.
  • Upload your own tracks.
  • Get feedback from your peers and music industry professionals.
  • Make great contacts, and find new collaborators.
  • Have a chance to WIN the Carbon Logic music competition.

Get listening, upload your tracks and give us your feedback. Become a member and help shape the future of the Carbon Logic community.


Carbon Logic is on a mission

  • To build a sustainable independent social network dedicated to discovering and delivering the best new music to discerning listeners around the world.
  • To support, develop and promote the most outstanding artists unearthed on the Carbon Logic network.

Carbon Logic Live

Carbon Logic Live is a regular event showcasing outstanding artists who have uploaded their music to the carbon logic music community. Carbon Logic Live brings together the site's guest curators, artists and listeners in one place to celebrate today's new, emerging music.

Carbon Logic Live I, July 07 – Duchess, MicroCoz, Guest curators Tony Nwachukwu and Gavin Alexander (CDR). Carbon Logic Live II, October 07 – Grinny Grandad, Dokkebi Q, Bluntwun, Guest curator Justin Rushmore (Finger Lickin' Records).


Upload music

Carbon Logic is all about your tracks. Upload your music, listen to, comment and rate other people's tracks. Uploading is easy, just follow the helpful tips on the upload page.

You can upload music in mp3 format only, we recommend the highest quality possible. Carbon Logic allows you to upload as much of your own music as you like. You can upload just one song, an album, or your entire back catalogue. You can also tag your uploaded tracks with multiple genres, to improve cross referencing when browsing the site. You can remove your tracks at any time.

Carbon Logic is also a great place for uploading your artwork - the vast majority of users upload an image with their music. Different tracks with their thumbnails can be viewed simultaneously on the Shuffle Page. You can also re-shuffle all the tracks on the Shuffle page, to help till the fertile soil of Carbon Logic and unearth more sparkling audio gems.

New music is uploaded daily, and 50% of our users are artists bringing content to carbon logic, a rare statistic indeed in the world of web2 communites. Having great content has helped grow a loyal userbase of artists and music lovers who contribute their tracks and opinions.

New music community

The Web 2.0 community is a rapidly growing paradigm in our global village, and the speed of communication in the 21st century is set to increase at such a dizzying rate that ESP will soon be downloadable and the Borg will be round for tea. With mind boggling bandwidth, will infinite information sacrifice depth for multiplicity ?

How can we keep authentic debate on music alive?

To achieve this the carbon logic community is keeping some very simple house rules:

  • Carbon Logic members always do the talking and scoring (you can score tracks from 1 to 5), the Carbon Logic community filters the best music to the surface.
  • We let the community decide its future by making sure the community's feedback is our number one priority.
  • We listen to our community - our feedback page allows users to post comments, ideas and criticisms which are reviewed regularly.

For a Web 2.0 community to grow and prosper, users must feel there is a shared history. We archive all our monthly "most-played" charts, our shortlists and competition cycles, giving the community a great sense of continuity in the evolution of an exciting and dynamic music site.

Carbon Logic is a new music filter, a community that is wholly human, a hive mind sifting and debating its way through the unstoppable flow of music uploaded every day.

Carbon Logic is a fantastic new music community where every day you can stumble on some nice surprises, some bad-ass noise and a dynamic top-rated chart that would blow most ipod playlists out of the water. Make the Carbon Logic Community your own Community.

Music copyright

At Carbon Logic we take copyright very seriously. Please do not upload any music that you do not own or administer the copyright in. With the growth of the internet, music copyright, and its potential infringement, are becoming important issues to all musicians.

Copyright is a form of protection provided by law to the authors of "original works of authorship", including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works. This protection is available to both published and unpublished works. Music copyright Law generally gives the owner of the copyright the exclusive right to do and to authorise others to do the following:

  • To reproduce the work in physical copies (CDs and Vinyl records).
  • To prepare derivative works based upon the work.
  • To distribute copies of the work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease or lending.
  • To perform and display the works publicly.
  • To display the work publicly.
  • To perform the work publicly by means of a digital audio transmission.

It is illegal for anyone to violate any of the rights provided by the copyright law to the owner of the copyright. If a user uploads music to Carbon Logic that he/she does not own or administer the copyright in, the music will be removed and the user account may be deactivated.

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