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Pressure Too


Uploaded by: bida

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Uploaded by:
03.11.08 | 03:19 GMT
Hardcore rapAfrican HipHopSwahili Rap
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African hiphop and proud of being African especialy Native african... more about my music is about where our hiphop life and music going how it is suposed to be...much more in gov. becouse they are the one who handdle this things....

Language : Swahili /english/street lingwa

More About Ni Presha tu..
Nipresha tu Means its just a pressure. like no worry..
it start me asking my produzer Haji tu light a sliff..then i rock in by saying my stail of getting on this game is just like osama.. dont clik. or like American move in pernish ment are just two.. to sloughter you in a deep sea so that i can loose evidence.
yong brother dont be have like Cammillione, you wantent to ovetake. seat down and listen,sm,oke some sliff to remove some stupidnes.mamaaaa dont tem the that me is the aka Bida man originaly from the high branches .and i he deep my roots enough .. even if will come sunami i will stik with you my darling.let them whitches die , nothing to wory us mo matter what..
while we are on high brances as we swing swing and bang bang

the shutt fuck up shiiiiiiiiiiip
ni presha tu
no body will die from maralia,
only pressure....

and it must be Hi orrr Low

Note> when people die from HIV and AIDS people of now days the feel shame to mation so they will tell you that the person who die had Pressue some time they will tell it was hi or low.....

i will i will drop second ves soon... as i am choosing which song to release nest .. Kamakazi album is boilling ready to be served

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  • Number of plays: 13
  • Average rating: 3.4


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Previous comments

WICKED - love the sound of your voice and vocal against the backing track.
simple and completely works.
translation ?
upload more please - great to hear a taste of the hip hop of today coming out of africa.


Posted: 13:51h Thu Nov 06


hey - upload a picture of you guys.
your track is too good to leave a blank on the art.


Posted: 13:53h Thu Nov 06


beautiful rich voice, lovely feel. i would back off on the reverb on the drum loop.
where in africa is this from?

Posted: 00:25h Tue Nov 11

gee unit

hey Bida.
thanks for the picture. thanks for the lyrics. thanks for the message.
still loving this track. keep it going on.
and when your Kamakazi is ready put some here for our listening pleasure please.
respect and peace.


Posted: 07:43h Tue Dec 23


love it, you have a beautiful voice. really simple and effective

Posted: 09:23h Wed Mar 11

gee unit

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