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Welcome fellow Carbon Logic pioneers

Let us know what you really think, your feedback is vital to us.

We have been totally inspired, and are surprised daily by the quality and diversity of music uploaded to Carbon Logic. You are the pioneers in developing this community, and your comments, criticisms and ideas are invaluable.

Please leave your feedback below - we will read everything posted, and try to answer any queries you throw in our direction.

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Carbon Logic is your community. Make it so!

Best wishes & many thanks – Giles Allen & Pete Saville.


go to old love lingers its a hit hit hit hit njust go !!!!!!

Posted: 17:21h Fri Sep 02


hi to this site, first of all i would like to say thanks for allowing me to register here. I'm glad i found this site because I like music and I think I can find music here that I want and upload. so once again thank you.


Posted: 13:51h Fri Sep 02


Would i be the first to ask ' Why no Forum ? Seem's Logical to me :)


Posted: 19:55h Wed Aug 17


sorry that went several times instead of one

Posted: 17:03h Wed Mar 23


hjow fkkn sad can you get??? john leo and bret pollard are multi clicking their songs !!! why ?? it wont make them any better --trust the guys amnd bitches on this site not you finger!!!
wise up you two

Posted: 17:01h Wed Mar 23


someone hel[p me like to hear imbpso's songs --if you log on bg get in tch [plz

Posted: 18:50h Mon Mar 21


key west to key largo is a strange and wonderful song love to go there

Posted: 17:13h Tue Mar 15


when autumn comes fekkn beautiful

Posted: 19:22h Tue Mar 08


hi mkate listened to bramnd new beginnings ure rite kid

Posted: 18:09h Tue Mar 08


bg jiust ;listened to brand new beginnings -youve a hit kid -and ive decoided i'll have your babies :-}

Posted: 17:04h Tue Mar 08


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