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Welcome fellow Carbon Logic pioneers

Let us know what you really think, your feedback is vital to us.

We have been totally inspired, and are surprised daily by the quality and diversity of music uploaded to Carbon Logic. You are the pioneers in developing this community, and your comments, criticisms and ideas are invaluable.

Please leave your feedback below - we will read everything posted, and try to answer any queries you throw in our direction.

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Carbon Logic is your community. Make it so!

Best wishes & many thanks – Giles Allen & Pete Saville.


Hey Pete hope you are well,is the site locked now?not been able to upload for some time. best regards, Paul


Posted: 12:25h Sat Jan 14


Please delete our account, there are no "delete account" options.

Posted: 05:54h Mon Dec 12


How do I delete my account please?

Posted: 13:52h Sun Jul 17


quick question.
how can i download music from your site that i uploaded in the past.
my tapes and gear are far away, and it would be nice to be able to work on new mixes with what ive got here.

can i download from the site?
please advise.

. todd estes

btw. you guys player is the best. pure quality conversion.

thank you for that.


Posted: 22:02h Fri Feb 27


I want to close my account but it's not clear how to?

Posted: 14:36h Fri Feb 14


Hi I'm trying to upload a few tracks for yout holiday campaign that you recently emailed carbon logic members.

Tried different tracks that both meet your uploading requirements.

Fails everytime - "413 request entity too large" is all i get.

Any help would be appreciated as i feel i have 2 very appropriate tracks and the deadline is the 11th November.

Please help asap


Posted: 10:57h Fri Nov 08


Please cancel my account.

Posted: 21:10h Wed Feb 13


Can you please delete my account (pat123)?

Posted: 16:28h Tue Oct 16


Hey guys.. Please cancel my account..

Posted: 16:25h Fri Oct 05



How do i get your icon to use as a link?


Posted: 10:10h Sat Sep 15


im writin this but i know that owner peter isnt interested in the feedback
but if you do read this peter -instead of blanking as per usual- - listen to me----- get bg pollock and his music back on carbon logic -jim songs are great but they are covers -get real talented songwriters on this site all i can hear is electronic noise!!!!!!

Posted: 09:17h Tue Aug 07


im writin this but i know that owner peter isnt interested in the feedback
but if you do read this peter -instead of blanking as per usual- - listen to me----- get bg pollock and his music back on carbon logic -jim songs are great but they are covers -get real talented songwriters on this site all i can hear is electronic noise!!!!!!

Posted: 09:17h Tue Aug 07


hjey chuck ya better start clicking your songs again your slipping lolol

Posted: 08:43h Fri Jun 01


this top ten is crap
peter and giles surely carbon logic can do better than this rubbish

Posted: 15:00h Sun May 27


Not really sure how to get my music heard?

Posted: 16:20h Sat May 26


these charts arent any good now wheres bg pollocks stuff esp old love lingers
someone please let me know what has happened

Posted: 11:10h Fri May 25


hey wheres bg gone
carbon what have ya done

Posted: 10:37h Fri May 25


will someone listen to bg and know there is something amazing are you just sad wannabees -angela is nic but not great
im controversial but io know a good tune
and stop repeat clicking chuck let the people decide

Posted: 19:40h Tue May 15


love most of the music on here!!! my favorite artist is pysmonics!! i cant believe how much unnoticed talent is on here!! big up carbonlogic....

Posted: 19:48h Fri Dec 23


new to site is this the real deal

Posted: 17:21h Fri Sep 02


go to old love lingers its a hit hit hit hit njust go !!!!!!

Posted: 17:21h Fri Sep 02


hi to this site, first of all i would like to say thanks for allowing me to register here. I'm glad i found this site because I like music and I think I can find music here that I want and upload. so once again thank you.


Posted: 13:51h Fri Sep 02


Would i be the first to ask ' Why no Forum ? Seem's Logical to me :)


Posted: 19:55h Wed Aug 17


sorry that went several times instead of one

Posted: 17:03h Wed Mar 23


hjow fkkn sad can you get??? john leo and bret pollard are multi clicking their songs !!! why ?? it wont make them any better --trust the guys amnd bitches on this site not you finger!!!
wise up you two

Posted: 17:01h Wed Mar 23


someone hel[p me like to hear imbpso's songs --if you log on bg get in tch [plz

Posted: 18:50h Mon Mar 21


key west to key largo is a strange and wonderful song love to go there

Posted: 17:13h Tue Mar 15


when autumn comes fekkn beautiful

Posted: 19:22h Tue Mar 08


hi mkate listened to bramnd new beginnings ure rite kid

Posted: 18:09h Tue Mar 08


bg jiust ;listened to brand new beginnings -youve a hit kid -and ive decoided i'll have your babies :-}

Posted: 17:04h Tue Mar 08


bg u on the wacky baccy????

Posted: 09:23h Sat Mar 05


ooops shit meant bg -ok im a country freak --aint a crime

Posted: 18:28h Fri Mar 04


hi listen u luvsss this guys good
listen listen xxxx

Posted: 18:17h Fri Mar 04


you should demo them imbpso theyre good more than good --most of the stuff ive heard here aint just aint that good--have a few songd myself but im holding off for a while to see how good this site is

Posted: 18:26h Wed Mar 02


hey carbon logic could you gimmi some more info bout b.g.

Posted: 17:39h Tue Mar 01


hey sid im really impressed mate

Posted: 17:06h Tue Mar 01


i agree mainman

Posted: 16:58h Tue Mar 01


1. Hi guys- these competitions-once i upload not sure what happens as the email contact does not reapear.
2. i have 2 fcbooks- it was an accident as i used another email when uploading but have kept it- i,d like to load tracks from here to my other fcbook so i need to know how to get into my fcbook details and redo or keep both fcbooks- thx


Posted: 14:50h Fri Feb 25


Hi Guys.
We cant upload any tracks.
It keep saying that i cant leave the artist name empty, but i didnt.
Please advice what to do.
Gypsy Hill


Posted: 14:43h Tue Feb 08



Posted: 21:08h Mon Feb 07


I would like to know if there is any way of uploading the streams that are made available rather than just listening to them, actually having them stored on my computer or onto disc?

Can you help?


Posted: 19:43h Wed Nov 10


i just uploaded a song feedback is welcome!

Posted: 01:52h Wed Nov 03


i think it would be great if you classified music by the country its from and have like a chart for each country and you should also promote concerts.


Posted: 20:57h Mon Nov 01


yoyo giles n pete!!1its gav aka res1 from brighton,used to record with you about 6 years ago with jake the beat boxer??ring any bells???hope you guys are good and livin the dream,would love to catch up with you both or do some work so gimme a bell on 07735484961 or email jus uploaded a track n joined the site so give it a listen n see wot ya think.all the best...reskabar

Posted: 16:51h Mon Nov 01


Straight forward and easy to use, great results :)
Teigue Edsion

Posted: 18:18h Tue Oct 26


itd be good if it were possible to play tracks from an iphone or ipad. these dont support flash so the std player doesnt work.

Posted: 06:29h Tue Oct 19


Thank you awesome people for putting this site up, and keeping it going.
Todd Estes


Posted: 02:15h Tue Aug 17


how do i reply to someones comment

Posted: 03:14h Wed Jul 28


ਮੇਰੀ ਪੂਰੀ ਕੈਸਟ ਨੂੰ ਪਿਆਰ ਦੇਣ ਦਾ ਧੰਨਵਾਦ ਜੀ ਬਾਈ ਜੀ

Posted: 06:54h Wed Jul 21


for the ajax tooltip style info box for "recommended listening" on the front page, you should display the number of comments as well as the rating.


Posted: 16:12h Thu Jun 03


hi, please see comment on this page.. is it possible to change his rating as he requests




Posted: 14:53h Wed May 12


Just stopping by to say a big thank you to all at carbon.
I have been up loading my music for a few years now, and love to check out other original artists.
Unlike other sites were you can showcase your work I find on carbon I generally get
' honest ' feedback from artists rather than self promotion.
Keep up the great work.
Pezz aka E.K LOUT


Posted: 08:40h Fri Apr 16


Hi I have a small dilemma. I would like to change my artist name to Tjt with you as that is now under process of registration. Should I close my _JT account ? You can reach me at Thomas. This is my current account :
If you can change that to then go ahead !


Posted: 22:14h Thu Mar 18


Great site, just uploaded my latest wobble 'Bow' to you.

Am I clicking on the wrong links or is no contest on at the moment ???


JT, London

Posted: 00:52h Wed Mar 17


Breaking up is not easy. Reunions are hard when you have nothing to report. Spinal damage warrants both respect, alibis, excuses and leaves ine feeling...well paralysed. Understand you two are well and the site is amazing as ever...we are however getting older...ring me to discuss cups of tea please 0406 839 768..many changes

love nails

(ps. i had an abortion recently however if i had the baby i woukd have called it Carbon Logic Kelly


Posted: 22:29h Fri Feb 26


I want to change my member profile name to my artist's name, but your edit member profile page is just very basic and inflexible for me to be able to do this WHY? I want to be able change my member profile name. Please help with this problem. Thank you. Collin Deurance aka CiderBaby.


Posted: 03:07h Tue Feb 23


Why can't I change my member profile name? Your edit member profile page is very basic and quite inflexible. I want to change my member profile name to my artist's name, but your page will NOT let me do this as a member! WHY? I would appreciate it if I could be able to do this very very soon. Can you help me with this problem? Thank you. Collkin Deurance aka CiderBaby.


Posted: 02:58h Tue Feb 23


boas, fiz este som com uma boa moca em cima da cabeça. ouçao se gostarem comentem

Posted: 21:28h Fri Feb 19



Thanks for the great site.
Not sure why it took me 2 years to upload my tunes, but hey.....
All my uploads have gone pretty smoothly so far.
Is there any option to automatically log in each time I come here?
Thanks again.

Posted: 16:32h Thu Feb 04



Do you have any plans for making it possible, for us to create a play list of tracks we like on Carbon Logic? I sometimes lose the ones i want to hear again & share with others.

Great work you're all doing, thanks.


Posted: 00:26h Thu Dec 31


I´ve noticed this site remains the same for years

are you guys still there?

is there any kind of promotion for this site, so that new people can get here?

I´m saying that cause I usually upload my tracks to several sites. It´s commom to see hundereds of plays after a year or so.

But here in carbonlogic, these same tracks barely get to 15 plays.

the most played track on the whole site has less than 1000 plays

where´s our community?

carbon logic needs to make some efforts to get things happening here

montly competitions for all channels, not just for dubstep - which is cool but it´s not the only genre alive - would sure help

hope u guys consider implementing some of these ideas

best regards


Posted: 20:48h Thu Dec 10


I found few tracks that I really like, it would be great to be able to Private Message the artists asking for a download of the track....


Posted: 00:16h Wed Nov 11


Hi there, this is Depone (Matt)

Im pleased and also sorry to say im going to retract two tracks from the grass roots competition.
This is due to them being signed for a vinyl release.

The two tracks are Oldskool Dub and Eskimo Jam.



Posted: 22:16h Mon Nov 02


I was curious if you have to be a UK citizen to be eligible to participate in any competitions? Me being from Canada, is why I ask:)

Just thought I'd ask. aka Subtle Thieves:)


Posted: 11:33h Tue Oct 13


Why are there so many retarded genres which do need not exist like dogstep and f*** knows seriously?

It's so bad! Instead make preset genres with a dropdown box.

Posted: 21:01h Wed Sep 16


People wanting to know if their tracks are entered in the comp, just click on the competition button and it will tell you everything you need to know there. And yes, you do get automatically entered.

Posted: 02:12h Mon Sep 14


ps. you can reply to



Posted: 22:26h Mon Sep 07


Hey dudes, just wondering the same thing as deaner. Are my tracks automatically entered into the competition when I upload them? That's the impression I get but thought I'd best check with you guys. Peace dudes.


Posted: 22:25h Mon Sep 07


What I really don't like about your site, and something that Youtube does correctly, is that you can't turn off ratings. I may want to place music up and not have people rate it! Please add that feature.

Posted: 09:06h Fri Aug 28


I havent been able to upload any tracks.....not sure why all my files are the proper sizes

Posted: 09:56h Thu Aug 06


All tracks seem to play in mono. Bit weird.

Posted: 19:43h Thu Jul 23


Hi Giles
It's been a while, hope things are going well with you.
Since the sad demise of Waxus a few things have been happening quietly. Pete and I were wondering if you have the original discs you saved as we are thinking of looking at a possible remix. Could you let me know what is needed for us to get all the original unmixed data.
thanks for your time

Posted: 17:03h Sat Jul 18


Uploaded track about 4 times goes through ok then the empty upload screen returns. Lists my uploads as 0! Glitch in the system or just slow to register?

Posted: 17:17h Wed Jul 15


Very nice and elegant, we loaded a few of our "rarities", thanks for your listening.
Olivier Schneider.from Sirchst.

Posted: 23:09h Tue Jul 14


Are my songs automatically enter in the contest when I upload them? If not, how do I enter them? Please reply to


Posted: 02:26h Mon Jul 06


I want to delete one of my tracks. How do I do it?


Posted: 18:21h Wed Jul 01


This is the best site for musicmakers. Thank you Giles & Pete. Have a greate summer all music lovers from the sunny Sweden!


Posted: 23:08h Sat Jun 27


I can't find new Clever Bunny anywhere. You guys are like Bruno. 1) Gay and 2) just not giving anything away until release date. Bassstads. I know for a fact you guys are wankers, so why don't you do like the rest of us when we slodge one off....and RELEASE!


Posted: 02:34h Fri Jun 12


Anyone who has doubts if CarbonLogic listen to your stuff...they do!
Cheeky lot they are too....accusing me of sounding all Rock Me Amadeus and 80s in Tokyo Dreamer! Listen to Tokyo Dreamer and be dazzled by the sheer cutting edgeness of it all! You will all drop your guitars and keyboards and say there's just nowt else to musically explore!
Actually, it's the worst, most future un-proof track I ever created in the 80s, and for that I am proud.
Cheers Carbuncles! Great site!
Chris ( Helicoptera )
For decent music, check out Kelly Hanson on CD Baby. Very good stuff.


Posted: 02:11h Wed Jun 03


There doesn't seem to be a way of deleting one's own track, once uploaded they stay there - that is very and you should address it at once. Also, it should be possible to change the order the tracks appear in.


Posted: 22:04h Wed May 27


hi there - great site, zoe (zmyth) turned me onto you - im one of the guys who runs The Real Music Club in Brighton (special benefit gig on jun 2oth plug plug) Zoe suggested that one of you guys might be able to give me some very welcome advice about copyright in this digital age... i would be VERY grateful if one of you (giles?) would be kind enough to e-mail me so we can correspond briefly.... - you can find me on = the particular track i wanna protect is 'Alice' written 28 years ago for my daughter when she was still in utero - she died 4 weeks ago hence the benefit.... please come! (Greenhouse Effect Church Rd Hove)

kind regards,

Tim (not as 'slim' as I was once!)

Posted: 20:34h Tue May 26


Gilles, this site must never end !! I see it as my soul cemetery where people cn enjoy after we've all gone

Chris Gloyne
www.myspace. com/ultralites


Posted: 00:06h Fri May 15


cant upload at the mo.
keep getting this

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

jd birch


Posted: 23:55h Tue Apr 21


Hi all It's Doogan!!

I would just like to thank the Makers of Carbon logic for not throwing me off the site as what i upload is not music but just some mad voice clips of what i say on my clans TF2 servers.

I really appreciate all the hard work you guys have put into this site and i am constatly surprised by the quality of the Tunes on here.

So keep up the good work guys and all you budding Musicians out there your work ROCKS!!!



Posted: 03:37h Tue Apr 21




Posted: 21:47h Thu Apr 16




Posted: 21:46h Thu Apr 16


McCarbon Logic Burger ?


Posted: 21:46h Thu Apr 16


Hey guys its Kobayashi form Gypsy hill.
I want to add The genre world to my track "balaka" but i don't know how to do it, Please help.


Posted: 03:52h Wed Apr 01


This is by far, the simplest, best laid out web-site of it's kind.
I can wander in here after a few month's absence and find my way around with no problem. That's extremely important to me.


Posted: 22:30h Fri Mar 06


Good morning guys.
I would like to close my account. Please delete everything. And thanks for your time and the free web space. Have a great day!.....Joseph G Vincent

Posted: 03:43h Sat Jan 31


There should be a daily limit on posting, so people cant push people tracks off the front page so to allow each track a fair amount of time for people listen.


Posted: 06:44h Tue Jan 27


Apart from that, Carbon Logic...your site seems to be going OK


Posted: 03:32h Sat Jan 24


As we enter the new millenium, we take with us the history of last century which a lot of us were a part of and the history of our ancestors which we recall only from accounts made in literature and carbon-dated diaries.
The 20th century unfolded some of the most significant events of our unfinished autobiography, among them: two devastating world wars: the Great Depression of the 1930s: the dissolving of enormous colonial empires, light-speed advances in science and technology, from the first airplane flight to the landing on the moon, to the first TV through to the advent of computers and the internet’s information highway; the Cold War between the Eastern Warsaw Pact nations and the Western NATO alliance; increased concerns about the environment including loss of forests, shortages of energy and water, the decline in biological diversity, and air pollution; the arrival of the AIDS epidemic and the ultimate emergence of the US as the only world superpower.
The planet's population exploded from only a billion and a half at the turn of the 20th century to a whopping 6 billion by the turn of the 21st. In a mere one hundred years, the population of the planet has quadrupled. * For the 21st century, the continued exponential growth in population, science and technology raises both hopes and fears as to just how long our book will keep writing itself.


Posted: 03:30h Sat Jan 24


hello any chance u guys can create a link to this page on ur front page or something please read ur get the picture


Posted: 06:06h Tue Jan 13


I must have missed something but the piece of music I uploaded has only been played twice. I don't mind if it is classed by some as rubbish but unless there is a gift of second sight floating around how can a judgement be made if it is never played? Out of the 2 times it has been played, one is by me. Does the only person to play it have some sort of bush telegraph to tell all members that the track is rubbish so stay clear of it?
Secondly I tried to update my profile with a photo and although I followed the instructions I don't see it.


Posted: 05:30h Wed Jan 07




Posted: 02:42h Sun Jan 04


i would like to use this as support at my site OUTLAW INDIAN inc. how do i go to thatmanouvrement please.thank you

Posted: 10:27h Thu Jan 01


Hi, would it be possible to add an option that would allow visitors to download songs, rather than just streaming?

Posted: 10:38h Mon Dec 15


Hi, I do like this site, especially as there doesn't seem to be a limit to the amount of tracks that can be uploaded. But just one thing I can't figure out. I wanted to delete a track and replace it with a different version, is this feature available? Or am I just being stupid?

Posted: 03:28h Sun Dec 14


do you have a function for forwarding a track to a member or non member?


Posted: 02:53h Sat Dec 06


Good Morning guys.
There is a problem with my main page. Everytime I go to my view page, it locks dead. The page is there but I cannot move the page up or down or even log out. IMy computer in running with windows 2000. Can you fix this problem? I also want to delete older songs I put up but can't even do that either. Thanks so much for your time and help.......jgv ....

Posted: 17:00h Sat Nov 29


Hi gays,

Nut-bag-testi-naut-jazza-flip-crya-psy-minga-yawn B-side remix?

PS If the japanese take hold of this, will we take up smoking?

Pete...remember the challenge/

Do you guys just go on holidays all year round?


Posted: 03:12h Wed Nov 19


hi matt super u
not sure what your problem is
your tracks all sound fine to me
maybe empty your cache....
or get latest flash player??
not sure, but i'm a fan of super u!!


Posted: 06:46h Mon Nov 17

uncle carbuncle

Hi there, the sit is great, thanks a lot. Am slightly confused by something though. I have uploaded seven tracks now (Super U) and had comments on most of them. Yet when I listened to some of them on my machine, some of them sound really garbled and choppy. Just bad, basically. But as I say, some people have left comments on them which suggests that they didn't get any chop or garble. Any ideas? Is it because I'm uploading them with too low a bit rate?
Any advice would be wicked,

Posted: 23:27h Wed Nov 12


i cant get anyof the music players to work, the latest macromedia flash player is installed but still nothing, is this a temporary fault on your site?

my email is


Posted: 23:41h Sun Nov 02


could do with some banners that people can download and add to other sites. ie saying find me on carbon logic which links to artist pages. :)


Posted: 06:02h Wed Oct 29


hey chrismills, saw your heads up on this katy hudson. if they're not her approved uploads and some fan is infringing copyright, then the tracks will be taken down.


Posted: 19:02h Tue Oct 28

uncle carbuncle

Oh dear, another gripe, but I'm sure just about every other artist on this site will agree on this. Check out Kate Hudson's ten new releases just uploaded. Nothing personal to Kate, a very talented artist, but this site should not just be another marketing tool for larger record companies using viral marketing and splatter-gun promotional techniques in this age of downloadable music.
This is a music exposure & forum site for emerging artists who have yet realised big record company success. They have a hard enough time getting a few biscuit crumbs of visibility without major labels muscling in with their album releases for their established artists, and subsequently swamping out the others. Stick to the channels you've got the budget for...TV, radio, print media and the more appropriate websites for established artists. This is totally out of order. I hope Carbon Logic might have a policy on this and wipe them off. Kate Huson won't notice - in all likelihood she hasn't even had anything to do with the upload.


Posted: 16:22h Tue Oct 28


It seems, as noticed in the comment by another member, that members can vote for their own tracks. This error has got to be changed!
As for any members who are voting themselves 5 stars to be in the top rated list, might look good but they'll have no idea if their stuff is getting genuinely good feedback or not. Surely that's the whole point.
Anyway, if these site abusers are thinking the rating system is going to make one jot of difference to the opinions of A&R scouts, they have no idea how music biz people think!


Posted: 16:07h Mon Oct 20


great site though and thank you for letting me be apart of it


Posted: 06:41h Mon Oct 13


why is it then that you can rate your own tracks! everyone seems to be given themselves a 5* rating to just be on the top rated list


Posted: 06:40h Mon Oct 13


You Carbonoids have got all this really sussed. Carbon Logic is clear, user-friendly and just makes utter sense - just like the Carbon Made site for visual artists.
Another Ace!


Posted: 20:06h Fri Oct 10


best music net work site out there i recon :) never gonna please every one but this site makes music easily accessible and even a monkey could use it, brilliant, thanks for making it
tomsun :)


Posted: 04:38h Fri Oct 10


Hello, I've said before this generally a great site, but the inability to change song order is a bit of a pain. Even the King Shit himself Myspace allows you to do that. :)

Posted: 01:27h Sun Sep 21

Implosion Quintet

big up al upcomin mcs an producer like myself the site is wicked keep it up !!


Posted: 06:44h Thu Sep 11


Good morning. There is a problem when after I sign in the page just locks up. Just stops and It is not going anywhere. Everytime I have logged into my account it locks up somewhere. I do not know what is happening. Please could you help? Please let me know what is happening. Thankyou very much!.....Joseph G Vincent

Posted: 22:34h Tue Aug 26


(For Peter) Sorry bout this, bro.
I should have sent u my new e-mail addy - - u got my number (if not 07507-497-085) I lost my phone so if u can bell me it would be better, or re-send your digit.
Talk soon,


Posted: 22:01h Sat Aug 23


so we canstay in touch, got some new shizle to put out soon.
Talk soon...


Posted: 19:54h Thu Aug 21


Hi guy's its been a while, since I' last been online at all.
Had a alot of personal issues to deal wiyh, but Hope your all OK.
My message is for Peter, (I know we have spoke for a while) I've had probs with my pc (which I usualy make music on).
Not on it at the mo, so I'm using my mac for the time being cause I cant be withou my music.
If theres any chance that u could send me the registratio number for the reason prog u sent me I'll very much appreciate it.
Plus got a new number 07507-497-085 (old ones history)send me your number too


Posted: 19:53h Thu Aug 21


Im having a lot of trouble uploading please help the status gets to full then stays there and thats it many thanks nick


Posted: 01:35h Tue Aug 19


Im having a lot of trouble uploading please help the status gets to full then stays there and thats it many thanks nick


Posted: 01:34h Tue Aug 19


nice one people, it's good to be able to get my tunes online. top marks. hope some of my contributions tick some boxes.


Posted: 07:34h Tue Aug 05


My name is Kassandra. I have just been listening to Jim Brannigan's music and I absolutely love it. It touches me deeply. I would dearly love to buy a compact disc or two of his music and I was wondering if you could tell me how I could do this. I do not have an MP3 player so I really would need a compact disc. Please could you reply to this message. My electronic mail is: Thank you very much. Kassandra.

Posted: 18:47h Wed Jul 30


good comment from madbeat, he got it spot on :P


Posted: 03:46h Wed Jul 16


How can I change my Profile name?

Posted: 18:44h Wed Jul 09


Great site and great idea. Only one thing is why is it so slow? If things were a bit more speedy it would be awesome. Maybe you could throw in a production forum too!

Also remove any music that receives a rating of zero a certain number of times. So to keep the site free of rubbish!

Love it! Thanks MadBEat!


Posted: 01:47h Sat Jul 05


Hi, How i can edit the order of my tracks?



Posted: 07:09h Thu Jul 03


Just being uselessly curious :P How much tracks does Carbon Logic currently hosts?


Posted: 19:38h Sat Jun 28


nails needs to double to dose of whatever they are prescribing to him


Posted: 20:33h Fri Jun 27

uncle carbuncle

Hi CL,

I tried uploading some trax and all I got was chemical symbols. I tried uploading Hydrochloric-Acid-Jazz and the only feedback I got was from a Jewish boy telling me I should check under his hood. Apart from that, everything seemed to be Daisy OK. I'm talking apple whapping OK.

Part from that...not much to conceal.

ooh cept it's ooh so nice in the nut-house!


Posted: 02:26h Thu Jun 26


I would just like to say that I have just come out of jail and I am aporled

Not only did I not receive $200 but I did not receeve my pick-up from the tip when i got on the outside.

The word from the inside was that there was this great site( construction?) that was gonna look arfter me on the I typed in www.barbed and toxic...and all i got was this wicked meeusic site.

well darn gee n haych n eye...etc

jimmy buttons


Posted: 02:06h Fri Jun 13


hey, great site and thank you for this oppitunity to upload my music, even if people dont like it lol, but i got to ask, would it at all be possible if we could have genres put on peoples profile, as in on the list of ther music that a producer has made that appears to to the right


Posted: 03:24h Tue Jun 10


I`m having technical difficulties uploading a song to your site. I already have 11 others, so I`m following proper procedure, but when I go to play it, nothing happens. Here`s my link. Thought maybe you could help

Just curious if there`s a problem that isn`t user related...:)

Another thing I`d like to mention. Since Canada is a confederate of Great Britian, and we too have the queen on our money, does that not make us lucky enough to be included in any competitions. Is Carbon logic ever going to start looking globally....


Posted: 12:05h Mon Jun 02


Good morning guys, does this site allow stats? A way for an artist to see how many people have listened to the songs as well as downloaded them? Please let me know......jgv

Posted: 20:53h Tue May 27


Carbon Logic is not the only site I’m uploading my little dirty experiments on but it was my first and I still consider it the best and home for all my new projects. Comments on songs by Carbon Logic members mean a lot to me because I feel that they comes from people who really listen and are able to give both critic and a little push to authors. Here I will thank you guys - Giles, Uncle Carbuncle, Hi Rise and all others for your time, ears, critic and support. I appreciate it a lot.

Question to Carbon logic. Are you guys going to enable direct download on site and when will beta tag disappear?


Posted: 03:45h Mon May 26


Hey Michael, your broken tracks have been deleted. Not sure what the problem was, did you edit the track or artist names after uploading? We are addressing the issue of broken track links, it can be caused by special characters (commas, exclamation marks, commas, etc) in artist and track names, and people making slight mistakes when typing them in on other uploads- the database gets confused.
We are addressing this at present with our developers.
Best wishes, Giles

Posted: 16:01h Mon May 19

gee unit

Hi Michael, I will ask our web developers to delete the broken tracks.
Best, Giles

Posted: 13:35h Tue May 13

gee unit

Hello do you think you guys could delete the song on my profile that do not work. then i could reload them?
have a great weekend,

Success/ Michael K.


Posted: 08:39h Sun May 11


Hey Michael, apologies that you are having problems with some of your tracks. There appear to be 5 of your tracks from checking today here that won't play. Our developers are looking at our data base at present and I will alert them to this problem, and try to have it sorted asap.
Loving your music, wishing you every success, and thanks for getting involved with carbon logic. Best, Giles (admin)

Posted: 15:25h Tue May 06

gee unit

Hello, hope you guys are having a wonderful and productive week. If possible could you please assist me. it seems that a few tracks i uploaded are not usable. what can you or i do to remedy this?


Posted: 08:02h Thu May 01


I've been on sight trying to get rid of all the tracks that don't play, but I have been unable to do so. I uploaded replacements but it is sort of confussing for others that attempt to play the others. If possible, could you elimanate 1,2,3,4,5, at the top, and 8 and 16? These are the ones that won't play.

Posted: 03:41h Tue Apr 15


Hey guys -I think there's a problem with our track "The Project" on the site, we've left some test feedback yet we can't see it and it does say there's other comments but we can't see them. I think we've even tried re-uploading the track but to no avail... Any ideas?



Posted: 21:37h Wed Mar 26


Can I delete a track if I upload the wrong one by accident?
I need to delete one track because the mix is wrong can I do this? If not, then that's a real shame. Can you please help me on this?


Collin Deurance


Posted: 23:40h Wed Mar 19


I've just signed with you as a musician. I want to change my user name and your site doesn't seem to allow me to do this. I really need to change my user name to something else. can you help me do this please?
Collin Deurance my email address is: Please help!!


Posted: 22:23h Wed Mar 19



Arnold here. I'm an exec. for South Africa based record label and want to find how can I get in touch with some of Carbon Logic members if i'm interested in licencing some of their music for South Africa releases.



Posted: 15:54h Sat Mar 01


Need a way of editing comments on profile. Some are leaving rude comments

Posted: 00:50h Fri Feb 01


Hi can you tell me how to delete a song from my profile? thanks

Posted: 11:45h Mon Jan 28


thx! how could I have not seen these :D thx for ur kind comments btw!


Posted: 15:05h Mon Jan 21


simple do I edit Genre(s)?


Posted: 16:02h Thu Jan 17


Good site, looking forward to playlists and pay-per-track downloads. Nice work Pete and Giles; when I eventually become the UK's first Dictator you'll be the country's official and only music outlet.


Posted: 21:00h Sun Jan 06


fantastic website, serves its purpose, user friendly..


Posted: 22:44h Wed Dec 19


is there a way i could rename my artist account to MIchael k. and Shae? Iv'e been looking and i can't seem to do it. I uploaded a couple more tracks from our album and they dont seem to work. What do i need to do?

Thank you,
Michaell K.


Posted: 11:05h Sun Dec 16


Thught it might be good if you could contact peeps on their profile rather than just on an added song


Posted: 16:09h Fri Dec 07


I know that this quarter's theme is a little bit hard and heavy but can everyone just vote Briancardi as the man of the universe so that we can get it over and done with. What a genius. Well, not genius but WOW. Come to Australia so that I can book you you freak.
Another Carbon Logic magician.


Posted: 18:34h Thu Dec 06


one question,
how did clever bunny's "spartacus" not end up on the final pick for last quarters judge's panel?

The Nail Factory


Posted: 16:42h Thu Dec 06


nice idea mc cullah, will pop it on the list for our dev team

Posted: 19:17h Wed Dec 05

gee unit

when your searching genres. you can see all the songs in the genre....but you cant see all the other one its in. This should be changed so all the songs display all their genres. This can help people that want to review songs based on their genre.


Posted: 05:47h Mon Dec 03


Hi cixxxj, yes there is a bug with the upload bar which will be fixed soon, look out for some great new features on carbon logic in the coming months.......

Posted: 12:36h Thu Nov 29

gee unit

Just some kind of bug I wanted to tell you about: when uploading with Safari 2, while the file has been uploaded, the window does not refresh and it stays still. Later I checked, and the track was uploaded with the artwork too. Great work btw!


Posted: 11:17h Thu Nov 29


Hi there
first, congratulations for the cool website

but I am having some troubles to play one of the songs I´ve uploaded

I tried re-uping it but the problem persists

the track is "Muse calls abuse" and "Muse calls abuse (re-up)" by Beder K.

hope you can help

best regards


Posted: 20:43h Thu Nov 15


When I have uploaded my tunes the play back is very slow..?
Any ideas on what to do about it.




Posted: 17:19h Mon Nov 12


Hi michael, if you log on and go to the track page of your uploaded song, you should see "edit track" in the green bar above the player. Click this and you can edit all your track details. Peace


Posted: 16:10h Wed Nov 07

uncle carbuncle

An interestingly helpful and efficient site, no nonsense..


Posted: 22:41h Tue Nov 06


hi, how do i change the name on the track i submitted. I spelled michael wrong.


Posted: 19:53h Tue Nov 06


Gee, I'm back, ring me


Posted: 16:56h Sun Oct 28


Hey! I see you have a new American Singer on the site....I listen to the song and she's really good. I love the song and music where can we get more informaiton on her.

Posted: 01:09h Tue Oct 23


Hi Guys.
What safeguards are there to prevent some one voting over and over for their own track? It's great site. Great standard of music.
Terry 4 Silkwood

Posted: 22:22h Mon Oct 22


a suggestion like others did. A good added value in this great site would be the rates to have a "username". In short, see who rated your track...


Posted: 09:14h Mon Oct 15


How do I "reupload" a song. The original upload cut both of our songs off short due to a bad mp3 conversion. I need to get the full songs on. The band name is "radiophlyer". Our two songs are "Keep on keepin on" and "Long hard road". I corrected the mp3
conversion problem. I have the full versions, but don't know how to reupload them. Any help would be great. Thanks.


Posted: 05:18h Tue Oct 02


Hi Radiophyler, you can delete tacks, and reupload, if you are logged in and go to the track page. You will see 'Delete track' in the green bar above the player. You can then upload again. As long as the mp3 is under 10mB, there should be no problems. Best wishes, gee unit

Posted: 14:16h Thu Sep 27

gee unit

Is is possible to re-upload a song? Our original upload of our two songs cut both songs short. I've corrected the problem and would like to re-upload the full versions of both of our songs. Any help would be geat. Thanks...


Posted: 06:06h Thu Sep 27


report user

for spammers and such


Posted: 00:06h Tue Aug 28


disable songs (not delete)


Posted: 15:58h Fri Aug 24


see who rated what on your song. Like see which user rated a 4 or a 2 or w/e


Posted: 15:57h Fri Aug 24


Hello to the carbon logic crew.I am glad to be a part of this community,this is just one of many that I am apart of. I consider myself having some talents and a good ear for all types of genres.I am a professional and I treat all with the same respect. Anyway I have been here for just a short while and have observed a flaw in your rating system which leaves good artist vulnerable to attack.It seems that the good artist's have the lower rating's and the not so good have the higher rating's, I have noticed that some have more votes than the song has been played, how can that be? That is what I consider vote bashing,be it as it may,there should be a solution to this.One is that instead of a negative vote rating { 12345 } it should always vote to the plus side with each member only being able to vote for that song 1 time.Meaning that the scores will accumulate with each vote and not fall backwards.If you just have 1 place to make a vote instead of 5 this will level the odds.Simpley put, either you vote or you don't with no option of numbers.It is the same way that you vote in your elections.This is just a basic idea that will keep everyone on the level.Please put your heads together and find a solution to this problem it will make the differance on whether an artist will come and stay and promote the community or leave it with a bad taste in his/or hers mouth and say that this community is corrupted. I my self can bring direct many an artist to the community but will not until a fair rating system is in place.Carbon Logic is truely a great place but we need to make improvements to better the community and weed out the bashers.{and they knwo who they are}.Thank You Sincerely ****Randy Curtis****


Posted: 17:19h Tue Aug 14





Posted: 17:27h Mon Aug 13


Hi grinny, yes the fingerlickin boyz are wearing the wigs this time....deadline for uploads is tues 31st july

Posted: 13:46h Wed Jul 25

gee unit

Hiya, when is the deadline for this competition? Is this the Finger Lickin' judged compo?



Posted: 17:43h Tue Jul 24


Thanks for your feedback MC_Cullah, both forum and messaging are in the pipeline and coming soon!

Posted: 07:43h Tue Jul 17

gee unit

private messaging system


Posted: 01:51h Tue Jul 17




Posted: 18:22h Mon Jul 16


search genre


Posted: 06:44h Thu Jul 12


Have predesignated genres....its very silly to have people make their own because they may spell it differently and then its just more work for you


Posted: 01:17h Thu Jul 12


It would be great if there was a way to change my track order.

ps I love the clear simple layout.


Posted: 19:15h Tue Jun 26




Posted: 18:36h Mon Jun 25


Hi guys,

Just a little issue; when browsing by genre, to the right is the number of tracks in each genre; only at the moment they are butting up so that they don't match the table rows. I'm sure it's an easy one ;)

Posted: 12:50h Sat Jun 23


You guys might want to check this one out...

Posted: 03:18h Wed Jun 20


Hey CL, it looks as though you guys are onto a winner with this's kinda frustrating knowing I'm in Melbourne and there's so many possibilities for collaboration in the UK. I will vow over the next few weeks to get some crew involved over here in Australia and try and get the ball rolling for global constructive musicianship. The big thumbs up on the site is that it is a positive forum for everyone's creativity and production skills and not just an advertising bashing for people's music. There's just the right amount of shit-giving going on too to make it fun.

Solid idea. And nice and simple. Be good to keep it that way.



Posted: 16:06h Sun Jun 03



i have a page on your site, but would like to delete it. the username is kay. i entered the wrong username, so i created another acccout with the correct one - k15.

would it be possible to delete the redundant account?

many thanks


Posted: 15:24h Sun May 27


The only way you can establish which listeners have similar tastes is by going to a user's home page and seeing their top rated chart. I think the CL people want to implement more statistics to give all the great artists more data on their choons. But it all costs money.....soon i hope to see some new functionality....


Posted: 15:57h Tue May 22

uncle carbuncle

Could I Humbly Suggest a device to see if you had any plays at all to-day.. perhaps an indicator, also WHO listened to them, it would help to find others of a similar wavelength to find the people they have affinity with... Theres no harm in asking...

Peace to you with the power above all your Subjects...

Lance : )
Send me a Hug applet too...


Posted: 20:16h Fri May 18



I've just joined Carbon Logic, but am reluctant to upload any of my tracks, because the Terms and Conditions don't make copyright clear. I appreciate that you need a limited copyright so that users can play and download tracks from your website.

However, please tell me whether your copyright would entitle you to publish the tracks in other ways. Secondly, would I be able to terminate your copyright in my tracks, or would it be in perpetuity, as some websites insist on?

By the way, why did you call your website Carbon Logic?

Best wishes,


Posted: 00:14h Wed May 09


Dj Ricky Worden has been one of the most downloaded dance music producers of 2007 following the release of the Dj Ricky Worden 87 steps album in 2006.


Posted: 18:46h Mon Apr 30


i think you just snuck in grinny grandad, we all await with baited breath for the shortlist announcement...


Posted: 13:05h Mon Apr 16

uncle carbuncle

Did I miss the deadline for the competition?


Posted: 13:00h Mon Apr 16


Any more comments on a CL forum? Is that something the community would appreciate?


Posted: 09:29h Mon Apr 16


Upload again StrangeZero! The busier the site gets, the more plays, the more dynamic the most played chart will be. More charts please carbon logic crew!


Posted: 12:26h Thu Apr 12

uncle carbuncle

We would love to upload our tracks again. We really would. We are fans of CarbonLogic, but we think (based on previous "ego maniac" comments) that the "self playing" problem will pop up again. (we have deleted all previous top chart tracks in order to have a clean field and not be accused of anything again).

So as a feedback, we think that the counting of plays should be "login" based or at least "ip" based.

Our best wishes for CarbonLogic to become huge!!!


Posted: 09:24h Thu Apr 12


i don't think you can blame anyone for trying to bump there listens or rating, at the end of the day, there's a lot of quality competition and im finding it more and more to be the case with the music industry at the moment, that who ever shouts the loudest will get most noticed.

hope i didn't open a barrel of worms over this issue, its a good thing that you don't have to signed in to count as a listen, its much easier to ferry traffic to the site if it doesn't restrict access.




Posted: 21:28h Wed Apr 04


thats a shame strangezero, your tunes had fans here!


Posted: 00:08h Tue Apr 03

uncle carbuncle

Thanks for the kind words :(

Just saw the forum while trying to upload a track. No need to do that right?

For the last time, WE LISTEN to our tracks as you do yours and we never rate them (ok maybe our first song :P but we were newbies). That means normally. We will delete the account, don't worry, as we will remove the link that we had everywhere for here.

For our reputation thought and because it's hard to prove how wrong you are (and that made us really sad) you can email the admin to run a query on IP's that played our tracks. I'm sure it's not ours..... are you?

In closing, we are happy that our tracks are "up" and that means that people maybe choose tracks from previous "top" lists.

Anyhow, anyway, we are not doing what you are speaking of. (btw why should we? for money? NO ! It's just a hobbie. For reputaion? .... No comments! For the contest ? It's for UK only!!)

Thank you Gav, MrT & geeunit.

Best Regards.


Posted: 21:38h Mon Apr 02


yes pj, i agree, feedback page doesn't quite feel like a forum, i wanna talk nerdy with fellow logicians, a forum would be cool


Posted: 23:29h Thu Mar 29

uncle carbuncle

Hey guys ,

can i suggest a forum so that we can talk to each other, just an idea.

any way keep up the good work, and i look foward to the end of the month.




Posted: 17:16h Thu Mar 29


Hi rogueformant, no, the song order on your member profile is just based on time and date uploaded, with tracks grouped by artist. no facility to change song order

Posted: 16:11h Tue Mar 27

gee unit

can you change song order on your member profile?


Posted: 22:38h Mon Mar 26


wicked to see jim's tunes with pictures, gives it all colour and context, fab to hear irish folk music amongst all the electronics and noise


Posted: 20:09h Sat Mar 24

uncle carbuncle

Never Mind. I went back into the song and changed the name from "Jim" to "Jim Brannigan". Easy for some, I suppose!


Posted: 18:49h Sat Mar 24


This song "Lovely Derry on the Banks of the Foyle" ended up on a page of its own "Jim" away back when I was uploading the music.
What can I do to return this lost sheep to the "Jim Brannigan" fold?


Posted: 17:30h Sat Mar 24


Thanks Giles: It's done and I've added lyrics to nearly all of the songs.


Posted: 18:46h Fri Mar 23


Hi Jim, the upload artwork button is just below the upload music button on the upload page.Or for adding art to tracks already uploaded, hit "edit track details" on a track page, just above the player. be great to see some artwork with your music, so many beautiful songs you have made!

Posted: 09:17h Fri Mar 23

gee unit

I can't figure out how to add the art work to the titles. Now I know you will let me know but couldn't it be made a little more obvious?


Posted: 04:25h Fri Mar 23


Hey guys hows it going, havent been online much lately but checking your site again makes me glad I did. I've had some really positive feedback and dont worry I'll have some new mixes soon. Getting ready to drop the next 4 and get the Ep out and about. Your sure to hear them soon. I'll be in touch 1...


Posted: 11:25h Wed Mar 14


Regards multi-playing your tracks votes are 1 time only for logged-in users whilst plays are counted for all visitors whether logged in or not. This is great and democratic but open to abuse (yes, I'm looking at you Strange Zero).

One solution is to make the most played list driven by logged-in plays only so we can see who is deliberately trying to influence their own position. Shame, I guess there are too many self-centered ego maniacs around.

What should we do? Keep it open, or restict it to registered users only? Thoughts from the community please...


Posted: 18:02h Mon Feb 26


hi pimpernel jones, yes, at present you can multiplay your tracks and try to push them into the most played list- a practise that has been occuring i believe, looking at all the strange zero and modus tracks in the chart. however we intend to look closely at this issue and resolve it, to reduce the amount of self promotion users can achieve (e.g. limit the number of self plays the site counts)
glad you are enjoying the vibez here!

Posted: 15:34h Fri Feb 23

gee unit

great site, some excellant bands ive found by random.

I was wondering, do the stats of a track need to include the details of the uploader; ie, i get a free vote when i upload my song, and i can play my song again and again to "clock up" te amount of times its considered played...

anyway, just a thought.



Posted: 22:29h Mon Feb 19


Hi Mr.Jim, apologies for the problem. We will pass the message to our developers and get it sorted asap. As mentioned below, we have just moved servers so we are ironing out transfer issues. Thanks for coming on board.
The carbon logic crew

Posted: 22:24h Fri Feb 16

gee unit

Hello Hello!!
Love the site but i seem to be having problems viewing my profile, i have created an account and uploaded some tracks but when i click 'View my Profile' in the top right corner it tells me the page cant be found. Any clues?


Posted: 21:49h Thu Feb 15


February 14th 2007.
Valentines Day !!

greetings to all carbon logic members
we have just transferred carbon logic to its new server.
please post any problems you might be experiencing here.
we will be ironing things out until the new carbon logic is running like a fast steed.

peace and respect
the carbon logic crew.


Posted: 14:23h Wed Feb 14


Ops, it was a mistake !! The track is on :D


Posted: 13:26h Wed Feb 07


Hello Carbon Logic , firstly i want to thank you for such a great site, its working and looking great, clean and simple where music is the favorite item. Then I wanted to say a song disappeared from my profile. I know it was a remix but I had authorization to put it (If you go to their myspace, you will likely find my remix in their player) Let me know if you're ok with it or not, and thx again!


Posted: 12:56h Wed Feb 07





Posted: 15:11h Wed Jan 31


Thanks for the constructive comments James, all noted! Regards the Bitrate thang... 128kbps is only a guideline, there's no bitrate limit. Go ahead and upload your 192 tracks (320kbps if ya got em) the only ceiling is the 10Mb filesize limit. Hope that helps, Gav.


Posted: 17:37h Mon Jan 29


Hi, James v Pearl, as a new memember of Carbon Logic, i am most immpressed with just how easy CL is to navigate, & the fact that the pages are not full of [Flash] ....! nothing wrong with a bit clever advertizing , but bombardment is all to Common....& as for adding to the development of the site perhaps the very coulours out of the program [Emagic Logic] would be just as nice as your Black & green, ! if not a little nicer, or of course any of the other major audio progs,Cubase Sx//Nuendo/ i have never yet come across a 3, 5, + band graffic eq on the players ? Huge + i think, & may i be so forward as to say there seems to be a Massive difference between 128 bitrate & my ears the 128 bitrate as a very odd phasing on the bottom end , it,s nearly always down to the eq-ing of the indiviual track,,,,, Guys hope this dosnt come across as . . .well large ed,ed ! ...o yes 1 more thing glad to be on board Dudes yeeee rrrrrrrrr


Posted: 13:47h Mon Jan 29


Hi there! I forgot the name of the guy who I spoke to towards the end of the Plastic People CDR get together at the Big Chill House on Thursday the 11th Jan. He was representing CarbonLogic sugessting that CDR and CarbonLogic should team up.

I was the baldheaded black guy in the long rain coat. Brendon.

Anyway, i've managed to get onto your site and upoad 3 of my tracks. Excellent site!!! This definately the Web version of CDR! I wish it every success.

I can't remember if it was Giles or Pete but whoever it was, drop me line at Would be great to hear from you. Or catch me at - you'll see I'm a bit of a "Billy-no-mates" so I'd more than welcome you as a friend.

In the meantime best wishes



Posted: 12:56h Sun Jan 21


Musta Mynd,i'm an upkuming producer & mc lukin 4 a recording opportunity 4 my instrumentalz. Carbon Logic iz a plat4orm. How about havin a link where we kan reply 2 comments posted my listenerz 2 our muzik.


Posted: 20:50h Thu Jan 18


one the best things to here music frm artist who ant benn singed to a majour labal

Posted: 16:46h Fri Jan 12


Cheers Gav, will have a go! Whats your feeling on a "Leave a message here" area on the member page, that works like comments/feedback?

Posted: 16:37h Mon Dec 18

gee unit

Hey Gee Unit ! ;)

All posts/comments allow simple HTML, so if you want to link to your profile etc. just paste the ENTIRE link into your comment and surround it with link tags, like this:

<a href="">Link to my page</a>


Posted: 16:06h Mon Dec 18


Can http:// links in track descriptions/comments be clickable straight to the url, like you get in an email?

Posted: 18:21h Fri Dec 15

gee unit

sorry, i must have been doing something super silly - managed to upload track just now.

by the way, fab site, fab concept.

thanks - justnicola (bloomie)


Posted: 19:44h Thu Dec 14


hiya, having real trouble uploading track? is everything okay your end?


Posted: 19:02h Thu Dec 14


Its in the pipeline 13T, early next year we hope to have a download service up and running

Posted: 22:33h Wed Dec 13

gee unit

Carbon Logic would be perfect for selling tracks like itunes/napster etc

can it be done?




Posted: 15:54h Wed Dec 13


Apologies to all the talent on CL for the occasional disruption to sunday service. we are migrating to a new server before the end of 2006, which will put an end to the problems. Look out for the new radio player too!

Posted: 09:59h Mon Dec 11

gee unit

This site is nothing less than amazing. The quality, the ease of use, the nice green gets no better tahn this!



Posted: 06:01h Sat Dec 09


completely agree Drifta.
any suggestions for improvements, post them to the carbon logic crew here.


Posted: 20:58h Mon Nov 27

hi rise

hey. for all you carbon logicians who want to listen to a track while you browse others.
use tabbed browsing.
just open the music page in one tab.
then open tracks you're interested in, in other tabs.
if you're a magician with your mose you can even mix carbon logic.
peace and out.


Posted: 20:57h Mon Nov 27

hi rise

Great idea for a site man, nice layout and fully functional. Was recommended to me by Frank Byng, as he covered a few lessons of mine at Lewisham College whilst my tutor was having a baby...
Anyway, i'm in the process of uploading a few tracks; nice and quick server for uploads.
Chris DeMello (Drifta)


Posted: 02:30h Mon Nov 27


seen-can this become the forum?


Posted: 21:07h Sun Nov 26

uncle carbuncle

would also be good to remove the copy on this page "review the site before going public in September 2006'. carbon logic is public and this feedback page will always be here for the community.


Posted: 22:56h Sat Nov 25

hi rise

yes Gav.
tend to agree.. or integrate chart access site wide. so as you browse tracks you're always being offered interesting 'chart diversions'. add to dev list one way or another. soon cabron, will be back on track.


Posted: 22:54h Sat Nov 25

hi rise

I know what maltsuki means by needing more charts -- if there were a charts page we could have individual genre charts, judge charts, carbon faves etc. mutliple charts per page to aid quick browsing. One for the dev list methinks...


Posted: 22:44h Wed Nov 22


Yeah, no sense in cheating to get a rep :)


Posted: 22:41h Wed Nov 22


It appears our trusty web boffins (big up Kyan Media) have removed the offending multivotes that have been spoiling the site and upsetting the talent across CL

Posted: 10:30h Tue Nov 21

gee unit

a user called mezcalito has made 229 ratings, and the contact email is bogus- the account has been deactivated for the time being

Posted: 18:51h Mon Nov 20

gee unit

Yes bikehead, thanks for your concern, lots of ratings from terrakota- he's been notified...good tracks shine thru' need for bogus voting

Posted: 18:48h Mon Nov 20

gee unit

Mmmm, i had noticed some craziness, with certain tunes having way more votes than know who you are...

Posted: 17:47h Mon Nov 20

gee unit

someone is fucking with your beautiful site guys! some serious random multivoting from terracotta methinks.

Posted: 12:24h Mon Nov 20


Hey s'up, true It's mostly what I expected to hear back from the tunes.
But your opinion means alot, Thanx.
Its mostly studio doctoring and other minor techniculties I need to work on and I appreciate you all for taking the time to give it an ear.
Fanx to Toast And Bigfeet for the feedback.
Nuff luv and respect!


Posted: 23:16h Sun Nov 19


Hi maltsuki, how dya mean? like more charts, or charts that update more often?


Posted: 19:02h Tue Nov 14

uncle carbuncle

You need a better charts page


Posted: 18:03h Mon Nov 13


yeah, I agree. would be nice to be able to post a message to a user directly from their member page.


Posted: 20:15h Sat Nov 11


You know, I think Carbon peeps deserve a proper forum to chat / exchange ideas. What do we think? Nice community vibe starting here...


Posted: 20:07h Fri Nov 10


Yes Cursor, we have your track over at hq, although wont have a chance to check it our until this eve as no speakers on work computer! we might need your password to upload it on your behalf, but if it works fine you should be able to upload it yourself, will keep you posted, cheers for getting involved

Posted: 12:51h Fri Nov 10

gee unit

Just wondering if you,ve recieved the track I sent ya? Listening to some of the other tracks you gotm some real diffent stuff that can only mean progressive so best of luck to all the Carbon Lodge team.


Posted: 12:30h Fri Nov 10


thanks for the tune resuscitation lads -jobs a goodun.

magic site with crackin tunes -this place would be great for selling online.

cheers again and good luck lads.


Posted: 01:31h Wed Nov 08


Hey 13T, my partner has emailed you about this issue, big sorry but our server is being wierd and your osiris track remains unattainable in the digital ether- our web boffins are aware and it will receive full attention monday 6th nov, we will keep you fully posted and sort the situation asap.
Have a top weekend

Posted: 20:59h Fri Nov 03

gee unit

still gettin page not found - and the name has vanished -can u edit my profile and reinstate the band name plz.-i think thtas whats causin the trouble.

"the 13th tribe" has gone and has been replaced by two symbols < .> thus why the page is not found -


Posted: 17:59h Fri Nov 03


what do carbon logic users think about selling your music as downloads from right here on the site ?
let's get this discussion going and make it happen.
what would you be willing to pay to be able to sell your tunes here ?


Posted: 15:44h Fri Nov 03


hey 13T and cursor, yeah soz about the "page not found" stuff, related to our generally goes after a couple of clicks of whatever button caused the error message. we are moving to a new slick server imminently so problem will be gone and your experience improved..thanks for your patience and support
the managers (fellow tunesmiths)

Posted: 14:09h Fri Nov 03

gee unit

Hi guys! having trouble uploading songs. Probably best if I send them to you or something I dont know whats up.


Posted: 06:34h Fri Nov 03


hi ,

awrite troops - nice vibes on here ....

but sadly im gettin Page not found when i try to go to edit my page - any chance u could send in the cavalry? god bless ya guvna......

hasta un poco amigos


Posted: 22:49h Thu Nov 02


This place is stupid-easy to use, something of an achievement really. Excellent usablity, looks slick as, fast upload times... Just generally wicked. Be Proud. :)

Posted: 19:51h Thu Nov 02

Implosion Quintet

just noticed that if you select another item from "most played" drop-down, eg "of all time", then select a tune from the chart, the chart defaults back to the current month

Posted: 00:44h Wed Oct 18

gee unit

Hi Stellar, we are conjuring up cunning plans and plots to allow users different opportunities to sell their music via carbon will come...but some funky updates, including a player to allow you to play tracks non-stop dukebox style as you browse/cook/dance, will be coming very soon!

Posted: 16:12h Fri Oct 13

gee unit

Odd that when the winner has been chosen from the shortlist, it disappears from the shortlist on the competition page, leaving only 9 tracks...bug?

Posted: 16:08h Fri Oct 13

gee unit

hello about offering a way for us to sell downloads direct to public...via paypal?????maybe...stellar

Posted: 23:32h Tue Oct 10


hey pete, met you at the adelaide on sunday...i uploaded atrack, would love to have your thoughts!! great looking trying to navigate around...stellar

Posted: 23:22h Tue Oct 10


I agree 30 Day Hex are brill and deserve a slot, but they have disbanded so couldn't really offer them a chance to win

Posted: 13:56h Wed Oct 04

gee unit

30dayHex should be in the shortlist!


Posted: 13:40h Wed Oct 04


when i log on at the moment, it takes me to a "page not found" dialogue....(as gee unit)

Posted: 15:15h Thu Sep 21

gee unit

Be really good to be able to vote in smaller fractions, at least to 0.5 of a point, so you can give tracks 3.5 or 4.5, etc....dont think there is enough leeway for differentiating the quality between tracks on the site

Posted: 19:57h Sat Sep 16

gee unit

There are 2 versions of a tune by stalker called "bloom", one of which seems to be a duplicate that brings up an error message that looks dead wierd on the screen

Posted: 19:56h Sat Sep 16

gee unit

Hi little, alas i dont think you can change this at the mo, will have to get friends to join up and rate it proper to boost it up. there will be site updates soon that will allow users more control over their tracks, so this shouldnt be a problem.

Posted: 19:49h Sat Sep 16

gee unit

help, i have rated my first track but accidently only gave it one and wanted to give it 5. How can i correct this?

Posted: 13:00h Fri Sep 15


I think that maybe my last comment could possibly be taken the wrong way...what I meant to say was that anyone mentioning M****CE should be sent to work in the banana field labour camps in Cuba where I am soon to be sworn in as deputy assistant banana labour deployment assistant to the nephew of Fidels mate who lives in Miami next door to my dog walkers plasterer who did his extension...I hope this clears up the matter and there is no hard feelings...

Posted: 00:45h Thu Aug 10

t'Roi Deluxxe

hey dudes...I think it should be an unwritten law that artistes can't put any MYSPACE addresses or links on Carbon Logic...that's why I love supporting you guys doing your own shit man...come on...!!

Posted: 00:33h Thu Aug 10

t'Roi Deluxxe

Pete & Giles,

What can I say?

Fucking nice site - even like some of the tunes!

Some kind of duke box / radio function would be good so that you can listen while you work - at the moment you have to dedicate all focus on listening to a tune - even being able to skate around the site having a browse at other shit would be good.

Oh yeah - the Pioneer password thing is a bit on the confusing side.

Have you told Moody & Trimming about it yet?

Look foward to seeing y'all this weekend.



Posted: 18:44h Thu Aug 03


Wondering how the "forgotten password" thing works- i did a test and pretended to forget my password- it said a new password would be sent to my email but no sign of it some 5 minutes later. I know of one valued user in Los Angeles who has forgotten his password- how long does it take to show up?

Posted: 14:29h Thu Aug 03

gee unit

monsieur t'roi watch those genre duplicates- we now have Jazz and jazz. Dub and dub. Obviously a bug that will need a look at. (hiphop, Hip-hop etc)

Posted: 21:45h Wed Aug 02

gee unit

type size in this window is very small.


Posted: 00:55h Sat Jul 29


yep, would be good to have consistent naming going on with the Capitals or not capitals. re. Artist Name or artist name


Posted: 00:55h Sat Jul 29


you've still got that first letter automatic upper case thing going with titles and names....

Posted: 01:01h Fri Jul 28

t'Roi Deluxxe

Im enjoying playing around with this little baby..
Lots of cool stuff on hopefully it will grow


Posted: 22:30h Wed Jul 26


Posty mctoasty

Posted: 21:30h Wed Jul 26

gee unit

Loving the site Kyan, big up the full crew x

Posted: 21:07h Mon Jul 24

gee unit

More new music! Keep it coming.


Posted: 14:30h Sun Jul 23


this site rocks ! love the interface. Would love to be able to leave it playing all day like a radio.


Posted: 01:34h Tue Jul 18


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