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Judge #1 August / Sept 2006

Stoppa – producer / The Bhutan Philharmonic / XFM


Stoppa has been hosting his One Drop concept show alongside Mark Mystic of Jah Works for the last 2 years. Combined they make up XFM's late night sunday/monday show "Monday Meltdown".

Stoppa's One Drop offers the finest in dub, dancehall, lover's, ragga and world music old and new. The shows are recorded live as mixes in Stoppa's London studio and broadcast exclusively on the Xfm network.

Emerging most recently from Stoppa's ever flowing production pipeline (look out for Verb T) is The Bhutan Philharmonic Sound System.

The Bhutan Philharmonic are the unstoppable Stoppa and DJ Neil Arthur, formerly of synth pop duo Blancmange. They realized they shared a love of Eastern music whilst drinking in a pub after a football match (Stoppa is a coach to an inner city youth team). Using their respective nick-names to form the act, Stoppa and Nobby, things progressed and as the body of work between them grew, they realised that they had the basis of an album and thus The Bhutan Philharmonic was born.

Sweet Lassi Dub has made several sell out white label outings and appeared on Claude Challe's Flying Carpet series of comps (as Stoppa and Nobby). Bobby Friction and Nihal described it as ' A Tuareg Classic'. Most recently it was used on the HBO series Six Feet Under. Sweet Lassi Dub was also the means by which The Bhutan Philharmonic caught the attention of a certain Rob da Bank.

The Bhutan Philharmonic will be taking their Sound System to this Summer's Bestival to perform with Radio 1's Bobby Friction and Nihal. They make uplifting left of centre music that reflects the ever increasing influence of Eastern music on Western ears. It's a respectful dialogue and an uplifting exchange, full of humour, beats, cinematic strings and is a total celebration of two diverse but complimentary musical cultures. The Bhutan Philharmonic are the orchestra of our dreams, made in contemporary Britain playing the music of our time that reflects who we are now as a nation.

Links and Information:

One Drop/Monday Meltdown – - Monday 01:00-03:00 -XFM

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August / September 2006