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Cycle #10: June - September 2010



Get released on 12" vinyl alongside TELEPATHE'S cover/remix of your track.
Melissa & Busy will also select and compile their 15 favorite carbon logic uploads onto the Cycle #10 Digital Compilation.

"We compulsively download and listen to music from all over the place and music from all different decades...everyday is a new day in our music minds. Today we are particularly into 'It's Mine' (PRODIGY) instrumental from 1999, and for the past week we have been just losing our sleep over 'The Dream!!!' Absolutely obsessed, I must have played 'Fancy' 100 times in one day..."
"We're currently planning & working on a new record...We've been djing loads...taking and making music. It never ends and its all we know."
"Carbon Logic always posts the illest, newest, and nicest joints...telepathe say thank you."

Telepathe's Melissa and Busy want to hear your music.........

carbon logic cycle#10 schedule:
Start Date: June 2010
Upload Deadline: September 2010 (TBC)
12" Release (carbon009): November/December 2010 (TBC)
Compilation Release (carbon010): November/December 2010 (TBC)


Telepathe are Melissa Livaudais and Busy Gangnes.

"ghetto Cocteau Twins", "exotically plumed indie", "dance music from a sci-fi utopia", "New York space steppers", "tentacular grime", "crystalline electronica", "misty shoegaze meets ass-shaking club-rap", "spooked sprawling synth-pop", "future r&b sorceresses"

They are the master-mind Brooklyn rebel producers who split critics with Telepathe's magnificent progressive avant-pop LP "Dance Mother" (Social Registry 2009)

Melissa and Busy spent most of 2009 touring 'Dance Mother' amongst ferocious hype.
They are now busy back in NYC working on the next Telepathe record, djing and listening to just about everything and anything they can put their ears to!
Seek out Telepathe's initial EPs: Farewell Forest (2006) and Sinister Militia (2007)
Before that check previous involvements in bands Wikkid, Blood Lines, Greenstreets, First Nation.


"We're work horses... we're pretty neurotic and intense about making music."
Melissa - Loud Quiet 6.09

"We want to make pop music. It's not how we started out. We used to be more experimental and out there and we just got bored with that. We're really into writing hooks, and we want to make more dance-orientated, bass-heavy music, because that's the kind of stuff we're inspired by."
Melissa - Plan B 2.09

"We really like everything, we listen to a lot of rap, we like Lil Wayne, Cash Money, Cocteau Twins... lately Busy and I have also been listening to a lot of Iraqi pop music too."
Melissa - ID May 2009

"We love Burial and we really wanted him to do a remix. But we don't know him and we don't know anybody who knows him. We contacted the label and they said 'You'd be better off asking him yourself', so we didn't ask him, we chickened out of that one!"
Melissa - Loud Quiet 6.09

"All through our lives, we've listened to a lot of different music. The key with everything we've loved is that in its time it was totally unlike everything else. There was only ever one goal with Telepathe and that is to be unique."
Busy - Plan B 2.09

"We're not into this for any other reason than surpassing what we know and what the audience expects. Otherwise, why bother making music at all ?"
Melissa - Plan B 2.09

"If you're making beats and not listening to hip-hop, what the hell are you doing?!"
Melissa - Plan B 2.09

"Me and Melissa create beats, Melissa's great at creating melodies, I'm good at layering those things up with proper notation to make all the harmonies work. We always aim to give people too much to listen to in one go. What you say about obscuring how the sound was made - that comes naturally cos we use what technology we have without prejudice and without too much technique."
Busy - Plan B 2.09

"There's a lot of different influences going on in our sound but hip-hop is like the building block, the method through which we work with what we have. We really see ourselves as a production team rather than a band and we'd seek to mould ourselves musically along the same lines as Timbaland, or Justin Timberlake, or the Neptunes. Trying to make the best pop we can."
Melissa - Plan B 2.09

"The decision to be honest to what we love and make out-and-out pop music has made the purpose much clearer. We want to move the feet. And we want to make pop with massive hooks in it. And that forces you to be inventive in ways that more conventional 'weird' music doesn't encourage."
Busy - Plan B 2.09

"Dave Sitek calls us 'hookers', in that we're totally into making sick hooks."
Melissa - DJ 2.09

"I don't know what's in store for the next record but as far as Busy and I are concerned we definitely intend to carry on working with Dave (Sitek), but we also want to branch out. We're not looking to make the same record again, obviously. It'll definitely sound like Telepathe - we love rhythm and we love melody and there'll be a lot of it. I've been listening to a lot of freestyle, but we're not into recycling a genre of music. I think we'll put our own twist on it and it'll be more poppy."
Melissa - Loud Quiet 6.09

"A kid came up to me after a show once and told me he started his band based on our band, I was shocked. It's hard to realise that you actually influence people sometimes. For me though, spreading the music-making love is the whole point."
Busy - Artrocker 12.08

For more background on their exploits (including touring with Diplo and being produced by Dave Sitek) check the links below.

telepathe curate carbon logic cycle#10

Links and Information: – official myspace page – telepathe discography – loud and quiet feature – the quietus reviews Dance Mother – melissa & busy chat logic on youtube

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