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CYCLE #11 May - October 2014:


GNOD Curate Carbon Logic’s CYCLE #11 search for new music The winner will get the chance to release a 15 minute per side tape on GNOD's new label imprint Tesla Tapes.


Way back in 2007, the newly formed GNOD won the Noisestar-judged competition on Carbon Logic (Cycle #5) with their track “Zeitgeist Part 1”. They won a precious two days of recording time at Dropout Studios, London, laying down the parts for what would become their much loved double album “Gnod Dropout With White Hills II” (Rocket Recordings). Gnod have been stirring their galactic soup of flashbacked rituals ever since with unpredictable incendiary results.

It is now 2014 and GNOD have themselves been asked by Carbon Logic to return as curators and judge Cycle #11. The winner will get the chance to release a 15 minute per side tape on Gnod's new label imprint Tesla Tapes. Alongside the tape release GNOD will also compile their favourite 15 tracks for release digitally and on limited edition CD by Carbon Logic.

In its first year Tesla Tapes has delivered mind bending releases by Gnod solo projects Druss, Dwellings, Negra Branca & Raikes Parade, homegrown UK artists Michael O'Neill, Yes Blythe, Black Tempest & Nighthammer as well as international acts such as Run Dust, Ripit & Lightning Glove.

It’s been said that GNOD have an air about them of a quasi-religious sect, a cabal, a secret society. Helmed by Paddy Shine & Chris Haslam they’ve certainly become the figureheads of a stoner freakscene that extends from the UK to Europe courtesy of their relentless touring schedule & monstrous self-built rig. Their HQ is now fully established at Islington Mill in Salford where they run experimental live nights called Gesamtkunstwerk (German for "whole arts work") offering "outsider electronics, hardwarped machine rhythms and analogue debauchery”.


“We’re freeform, genreless and incapable of being pinned-down. It’s not exactly like we could be, we’re constantly evolving. No one should say ‘You can’t make electronica or rock like this’, let’s keep the lines blurred”

GNOD’s Cycle #11 for Carbon Logic provides a rare opportunity to shed light on a grassroots underground music scene and the outstanding bands and artists emerging from it. The mission is to unearth, showcase & promote those bands and the sound they’re bringing to us.

“Gnod are, quite possibly, the best band in the Universe. This bold proclamation can be based on the fact that no other group could soundtrack a supernova as convincingly as the Salford-based collective. And, that witnessing a Gnod show is a transcendental barrage of volcanic psychedelia; the gig equivalent to having your amygdala replaced with a palantir and letting Sauron’s will smash your future and your past together with hellish zeal. Gnod will make you dance like St Vitus. They are that fucking good.”
- The Quietus

Competition shortlist