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Judge #2 - October / November 2006

Mr.Trick – Rhythm Incursions / Needlework Records


Mr.Trick waxes lyrical about his choices for the second carbon logic Winner, Runner Up and 3rd place:

WINNER ! - 'Aragami Style' by Zilla.
The simple fact of it is that this is the most together track of the lot. The production is tight as hell, the whole track kicks like a mule on crack and the style is focussed and clear. Labels like Shockout should be signing this guy immediately, as this kinda thing sounds better than a lot of their recent releases. Zilla has spent a long time working on his production, and its now paying off with a track that shows excellent control over the low end, great use of synths and a real sense of direction with the composition in general. That's a great thing to see; he's worked fucking hard and now he's reaping the rewards.

2nd - 'Sanza' by Robert Logan.
This track is a very clever one, in that it blends dubstep with electro and glitch/electronica touches whilst steering clear of the disaster zone such a combination could be if it were in the wrong hands. Someone like Planet Mu could do worse than sign this guy, because his sound touches on many aspects of the label's own output. My one crit is that the production could do with a little more EQ work; the low end needs to be tighter and slightly more up in the mix. Check something like the Kode9 or Boxcutter LPs for examples of what I mean. That one crit aside though, this really is excellent stuff. I look forward to hearing the album!

3rd - 'Eu Sou Louco' by MoFrancesco.
This one is a weird choice for me, in that the style is not one I'd ordinarily play much. However, between the production value and the excellent musical ability being demonstrated here, I'd say this guy has a great future in front of him. Certainly - as others remarked in the comments - Gilles Petersen could do a lot worse than give this man some airtime, as its got all the quality he'd love, no two ways about it.

Special Mentions.
I had a pretty hard time deciding my final three, so I'd like to give special mentions to a couple of acts. Implosion Quintet only narrowly missed out on a placing, and I think he/they just need to work on the production side a little more to get those amazing compositions sounding a little less dry and a lot more lively and warm. Compositionally though, they're 100% on point. In fact I could well see them doing well in film work, as the tracks have that cinematic vibe going on. Extra props too to Duchess, whose voice brought comparisons with Eykah Badu to mind. Lastly, The Dead Man's Shoes have an interesting idea going in their track, but it just needs to do more as it currently sounds a bit loop-ish. The idea in that track is excellent though; develop it some more and I'd love to DJ out with that one!

Mr.Trick is one half of the team pumping out the excellent radio show, Rhythm Incursions, and co-founder of Turntable Radio and Needlework Records. Project Fallen is Trick's alter-ego magic-man, meddling in field recording, soundscapes and improvised soundworks.

This year saw the release of "Up the Anti", Trick and Waxfactor's massive 60 minute genre-splitting mix cd. Opening with the infectious funk of Waxfactor's own "Reggaenomics" and moving on to slamming boom-bap, soul-funk, dancehall, and Jungle, expect musical bombs and a room-shaking level of bass-heavy groove.

Needlework Records

Formed in 2003 by Mr Trick and Monk-A. Its beginnings lie in the Needlework night of the same name that the pair ran through 2003 as the only night in London for turntablists to showcase their skills. In its 12 month period, Needlework played host to UK DMC champions like Quest and Blakey, as well as the 2003 UK DMC Team champions The Truesicians, the European ITF champs The SampleMoveMen and more.

Meanwhile the latest Needlework releases are available now; Dday One's "Loop Extensions" and Waxfactor's "Sci Fu" albums can both be bought in any decent record store and as downloads from Bleep (where you can get your hands on the complete Needlework catalog). Some lesser known bits of note from Mr.Trick's (murky as hell!) past:

  • In the heyday of bootlegs Mr.Trick created the Will Smith MiB2 "Nod Ya Head" bootleg that was described by the Boomselection bootleg mix site as "one of the finest bootlegs in the world". The mix went on to get a video made for it by QTV (with all the wrong artists edited in - the useless fu***rs!) who even replaced the very track it had bootlegged with soundtrack trailers for the MiB2 film on pay-per-view in the USA.
  • Trick recently remixed Black Grass's "Oh Jah" single on Catskills. Mary-Anne Hobbs seems to be loving it - she's played it a couple of times we believe.
  • Trick just finished a remix for Robots In Disguise, done under the name Wax Droids, which is a collab between Trick and 2tall.
  • The newest signing to Needlework Records is Mat Young, whose LP should be out next year.
  • The Dang In Dub mix CD that Trick created has now been downloaded over 9000 times from his MP3 blog.
  • Last year Trick gathered the finest moments from his 200 album-strong Hendrix collection into a 6 volume pirate download, covering anything from his rarest recordings to his best live cover versions.
  • Mr.Trick once remixed Blondie alongside 2tall. They gave them "complete creative control"... then refused to release what was handed in. Trick and 2tall still got paid though.
  • Oh, and finally, Mr.Trick might – just might – have been responsible for some of the larger pop hoaxes out there.

Links and Information: – Rhythm Incursions - Resonance 104.4FM, London - Saturday's at 9.30 pm ALL 96.9FM, Manchester, Saturday night / Sunday morning from midnight. – all the shows globally online, on-demand. – Waxfactor's site. – Mr.Trick's blog. – Needlework Records

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October / November 2006