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Judge #3 - Jan / Feb / March 2007

Tony Nwachukwu and Gavin Alexander - burnt progress / CDR


"It was a toughie!!!
We would first like to congratulate everyone who submitted tracks for this competition.
We at burntprogress were honored to be asked to be judges. We didn't  realise how hard it would be!!
All tracks submitted were to a very high standard. Each unique, only three however, can be chosen. Our decision is as follows:

WINNER ! - 'Rewind' by Duchess.
"This track shone right through. Great production thus far, amazing lead vocal, wonder backing vocals and thought provoking lyrics. Can't wait to hear this track after the big studio treatment it so rightly deserves!"

2nd - 'CHI 06 fix.feat Shana' by The 13th Tribe.
"Circa '96 rides again! Shana's unique voice cuts through this  cello bass / beat driven fx-fest.. listen! n learn"

3rd - 'Continental Breakfast' by Nanorhythm.
"We liked the tracks mezmerizing, cross genre qualities -  minimal with a broken twist!! Could work well as a DJ building tool."

burntprogress is an artist-led production company striving to give an insight into the consciousness of electronic music producers and to document a dynamic and evolving world of music-makers who explore their creativity through technology.


CDR has been a groundbreaking platform for the sharing of new ideas, works in progress, unreleased songs, remixes and mashups in a public space. It is currently held as a monthly night at Plastic People, London, UK.
To date CDR has also been held in and around the UK and in countries as far afield as Israel and Venezuela.


burntprogress 1.1 is the first in a series of albums documenting some of the huge wealth of music and music-makers that have joined the CDR community. The album is currently on release both in the UK and worldwide as well as being available on sites such as i-tunes music store.


Tony, founder of burntprogress, is a prolific music producer and DJ with a global reputation. As a former member of the notorious band, Attica Blues (Mo’Wax / Sony`). His production journey continues with album, single and remix productions for artists whose careers have spanned top 40, to those deep in the leftfield underground. His music industry experience and knowledge is invaluable and his ability to share it in a creative and learned way has been grasped by organisations worldwide. He also teaches, creatively advises and provides technical support at the annual, Red Bull Music Academy, hosted worldwide. Tony is responsible for initiating the creative direction of CDR. He offers mentoring advice and practical support to CDR attendees, covering the complete spectrum of recording industry and music production related issues.

Gavin, co-director of burntprogress, comes from a broadcast media background that has included producing award-winning short films, critically received TV documentaries & visual art projects that have been exhibited around the world. He DJs at all CDR events and is responsible for the administration of burntprogress; including the overseeing and co-ordination of marketing, communication with local musicians, promoters and venues, as well as managing partnerships with funders and organisations that burntprogress has and will work with in the future.


Links and Information: – home of CDR including blog from the talented community and editorial from Dayo on all the killer tracks played out at each session – conscious venue and host of CDR, with a soundsystem to behold ! – order your copy of the burntprogress 1.1 album here – Gerry Hectic reviews burntprogress 1.1 including more background and well researched links to the artists involved. – a chance to hear a selection of tracks from the burntprogress catalog

Competition shortlist

Jan / Feb / March 2007