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Judge #8: April - July 2009

Ms.Manray (Stranger Than Paradise) - CYCLE #8:

Amanda_shortlist_1 MS.MANRAY named GOBUZLI the Winner of the 8th Carbon Logic Music Competition. GOBUZLI played live at STANDON CALLING 2009 in the UK (31st July - 2nd August 2009).

"I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Carbon Logic Crew. I love to work in collaboration, and discovering so many interesting musicians in such a short space of time has been truly inspiring !"

"For a song to capture my imagination it needs to be playful, unpredictable, dramatic, childish and eccentric!  If it makes me want to dance on tippy toes all the better. If it sends me into freakish hysterics better still, like an amateur whirling dervisher you might not know whether to laugh or cry or fall into a temporary coma when the spinning stops. These sensations are key in order to run the full gamut of my overall enjoyment !
Stranger Than Paradise enthuses in gypsy music because it captures this childlike nomadic essence for me.
Two of the shortlisted tracks, Desert Road and Strange Objects, have been produced by Alex McGowan of Space Eko Records. He is a genius at creating a raw energy and eliminating all that isn't strictly necessary.
I'm very grateful for having the opportunity to benchmark my penchant for the unexpected, whimsical, exotic and downright brilliant. Thanks very much Pete!"

WINNER ! -  "Strange Objects" - Gobuzli.
"Everything about Strange Objects is perfection, it merges chaos with precision contortion and distortion without losing its core feel and rhythm. It drones like a weary heartbeat as aliens land. It's cynical without ever becoming depressing or self indulgent. The video is out of this world magic too !"

Watch the video for "Strange Objects" here.

2nd - "Pas Mechant, Pas le Temps" - Mac Abbe et le Zombie Orchestra.
"The music box start and finish reminds me of a toy story. This track takes me by surprise and fills me with utter confusion and joy, it sends me into sentimental insatiable delirium. Rustic antique and innocent like a ferris wheel on its last leg. Childish and ridiculous yet executed with divine precision and skill! Everything i aspire toward."

3rd - "Miserable Horo"  -  Yurodny.
"This is so much more than miserable! It's epic like the bible! In the beginning..  the drone of strings like the earth breathing creates a mildly disturbing contract to a solo violin. Then a sharp bird noise appears, something reminiscent of Peter and the Wolf takes place then feels like Tom and Jerry or the great train robbery. The  storm, the mud dance, the whales come to shore, the saints go marching in and a cataclysmic Noahs Ark finale gets trapped inside a gigantic gypsy wedding. Suddenly everything stops as if woken abruptly from a dream and into a stunned state of disbelief. That's my interpretation anyway. Brilliant !"

4th - "Like a Sextoy" - La Caravane Passe.
"Where have this great band of french lunatics been all my life?!  These people don't take themselves too seriously, playing around with genres and hairstyles, they camp it up in a way that's endearing. They take the best of everything and adopt it, lots of very good DJ remixing. Absolutely great !"

5th - "Pretty Face" -  Chancery Blame and The Gadjo Club.
"This track is a bit atypical of Chancery Blame's sound. Still very gypsy rooted but with a modern day edginess. The violin solo in the middle shows the full gamut of Mr.Blame's versatility and the raucous end sounds like the end of  war, freedom, liberty egality!! Not just a pretty face in fact."
6th - "Fanfarian Impro" - Alejandro Toledo and The Magic Tombelinos.
"This music starts fast, gets faster and ends up super fast ! It ends with no preparation, just ends with no rhyme or reason, it's just over, bloody over! Bloody brilliant. Reminds my of a fly that gets caught inside the window sill and in its desperate attempt to get to the great outdoors, it bashes with childlike abandon into the glass over and over, each time more indignant until the final major blow to the head causes a severe brain hemorrhage and he is dead... completely dead, just like that. No pain, no suffering, just dead.  It's a happy feel good tune!"

7th - "Fantasia i Pasion" - La Tirana Caravana.
"I get such a thrill from the 1st millisecond of this track. This is in fact the genius of a great musician DJ remixer from Chile, now based in Germany. Blended to perfection and full of great driving rhythms twists and turns, like a car you're learning to drive for the first time. A land not yet explored with lots of bumpy hills and then  the clearing, going faster than the speed of light. This tune will get even the faint hearted jumping for their life!"

8th - "Karagkiozo" - Antonis Antoniou.
"The feeling of these puppets and this ranting vocal sends me into hysterics. Like some old guy who had his knees chopped by some freak accident and yet is still dancing even though his ranting bad breath and whiskey stare causes the kids to jump high in fear and anxiety. Playful and quirky, imagine cows and chickens swimming side by side."

9th- "Desert Road" -  Squirrel Skin Slippers.
"I do feel barren and hot and a bit lonely, but then that crazy cymbal and drum makes me feel a bit less frazzled. The vocals sound like a thirsty instrument chewing between a rock and a hard place. I love part two... the plot thickens, but the loneliness continues and the hunger remains, very atmospheric!"

10th - "Aven Mande" - Le Freylekh Trio featuring Goulash System.
"This has such wonderful innocence. I love the collision of genres. Hungarian Gypsy Erica Serres vocals sound like a Bollywood film, then become more Spanish and tragic. The backing vocals quietly whispering are very moody, then a mysterious male vocal counterpart takes us straight to gay Paris where the band are based. Feels like a french fable with Indian influences, a global worldly masterpiece!"


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