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Robbing Hood
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David R. Webb has been actively involved in music production since 1986. When, as a guitar player, he started his first band Beautiful Noize. They began using a drum machine and he soon discovered that programming beats was far more fun than playing in a thrash metal band. This led not only to the making of bangin' 303 606 acid techno as Leucination and experimental analogue electro in the duo B Acid, but also experimenting with low speed DJing as Dijital at Zero Gravity, Clubdog & Megadog events. On discovering the joys of sampling and sequencing with an Ensoniq Mirage and Cubase on an Atari ST, his music became increasingly breakbeat orientated and more experimental. About 14 years ago he purchased his first PC and Lefthandpath was born. Four albums and many DJing events later Lefthandpath has lost the beats and become lhp, a completely experimental soundscape artist, releasing two albums already. The beat gauntlet was taken up by his dubstep alter ego Robbing Hood in 2006. Robbing Hood has released six albums on his own digital label Ax Records, has several other releases on various labels including Betamorph, Methodology and recently Quad Damage and has played at events in Helsinki (Got Sub), Stockholm (Red Volume Launch party), Vienna (Dubsquare) and on

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